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Classic basics are the perfect items to invest your money on because they never go out of style. And at this point, button down striped shirts are an undisputed wardrobe staple and lucky for us, there are more than enough perfect ways to wear it. Effortless is precisely the perfect description for a basic button-down shirt.

Some say the stripes make it hard to style but to all that, I say, hush!! I say it’s all about getting the prints, patterns and colours right.

I have whipped up several ways you could wear it with whether it’s a pair of flattering shorts, A skater or pencil skirt-long or short, dungarees, a pair of jeans depending on the occasion.


You can always add A tuck top underneath. I wanted to put a pop color like red but white worked just fine.



Who said you can’t get rid of one hand? This is my favourite and I would pair it best with a plain maxi skirt and a simple plain belt.



Amen to strappless tops- A little sun is good for my melanin. When you tie the hands go for a neat bow tie so that it doesn’t look tucky.



Off-shoulders are everywhere this season and they are as flattering as they come. I have not seen an off-shoulder I didn’t like, on anyone and anything, even shop dummies lol!


  Just a little tilt of the offshoulder and you have yourself a missguided offshoulder.Now shall we serve some calculated melanin?


If you care for some flattering tummy vibe, I got you



You can turn the front buttons into back buttons. Besides, there are no fashion rules we can’t break when it comes to personal style!



If you need me to do an article styling these ideas in a complete look, let me know in the comment section, either here or on any of my social media platform and I will make it happen. Also, I’d like to know how you style your basic striped shirt.

Tip: Always make sure you have at least several basic versatile piece, not only do they give value for money, but are easy to pair with almost anything in your wardrobe. You are welcome *wink*.

Love & Love,



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