70s GLORY…!!!

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Something crazy about fashion is that trends work in cycles, They come, become passe’ when you least expect they make a come-back.I didn’t keep them for such a day, I parted with them swearing I’m not going back. Special rejection. Yet here I am…… :-[

And since they are a come-back piece, there are a couple of ways to style it. If you don’t want to write vintage all over the look, I would recommend paring with trending pieces. IMG-20150814-WA0023

For my case I went for the knit crop top. pretty much miss-guided. They are stress-free and in the right colour they become a darling partner. With Eldoret weather, they are lightweight enough to handle.



If you have your flared retired I might have saved your day by encouraging (or insisting…!!!) you that it’s about time you get it to work….!!!!!!


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