An Year Wiser…

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She told her young self that she was not getting older but wiser she was.

Self-Love: But how can You even love the world if you don’t love yourself enough to even believe love exists…. How can you express yourself to others if you are a stranger to your own soul.. She is embracing the rewards of shunning conformity.  

Friendship: She has allowed silence to flow in friendships that don’t challenge her to get better. Those that call for pity party and competition. She could have a squad if she wanted but why would she need such mediocrity if she could have a circle of two real muffs who ride with her for real. She was getting wiser enough to know that mediocrity has no place in her life that was getting busy by the day pathing for greater self for a greater nation.

Pain: Pain has a more profound meaning for her now. She is at a point where she knows better that her strength is not measured by the amount of pain she can handle. However, the pain she will encounter will be growing pains’

Battles: She has no dramas, maybe because she trusts nobody and has few friends. But she is gracefully picking her fights knowing the right wars and find her peace.

The truth is, as life has layered its complexities, she will take chances and make mistakes. But most importantly she will be keen to learn from them.


Love And Love,



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