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Growing to adulthood with no idea of the walls she had to bring down to fully live her purpose. The older we get, the more we limit ourselves. We know ourselves best – our strengths and our weaknesses – what we’re capable of and certainly what we’re incapable of. But the only limitations that exist are the ones we impose on ourselves. download1

I never thought I’d make it through Uni let alone graduate and land a job or have a platform to inspire. I have never been a significant risk taker. What I have been, is someone who follows rules, fall into the conventional, seeks to make others happy, and searches for security. This is how I was raised. Raised in the typical African society, you are expected to maintain the image of the family to the society and become confined to what everyone else thinks is suitable for you.

I know now that all of that is bullshit.  I’ve made more decisions that weigh heavier on the reckless side. All of which brought me more joy. How I got to this point? Admitting that I was becoming a millennial woman and embracing it. I began to love my scars, embraced my flaws and constantly silence the inner negative voice.


we can all become fearless and do so much because, nothing is set in stone.

With love





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