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Hey guys! Major news today is that we are gifted by the most high the life in us. A plus is, Janet and Eddie have brought another being into existence yaaay!!!!…..We thank God for that….



Today I choose a 90 degree angle for this post. To break the norm I layered pieces based on the accessories. It’s basically minimalism….

IMG-20151026-WA0006 - Copy

To keep it safe and simple:

Too much outfit detail calls for minimal accessorizing.

Minimal outfit detailing calls for major accessorizing.

This helps to create some cool balance on the look .


On the other hand there is the option of print on prints and accessories well ,that option  needs you to pay attention on the colors because they have got to blend……

IMG-20151026-WA0007 - Copy

Until Next time, …

Love,  Emmah.


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