I will let you in on my major secret when it comes to putting a monochromatic look together. Whichever plain color you want to put together, don’t let anyone tell you it’s too colorful, loud, or bold; all you need is to give it an edge. Level up with the add-ons. Yes, ADD-ONs is the key πŸ” ! Add-Ons is basically layering and accessorizing. Think coats, hats, scarfs, jewelries, belts, socks,shoes, bags, glasses..... the list is endless. Remember, Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit. I live to prove it’s true. Don’t accumulate unnecessarily honey but a few bold statements are a savior. Go be colorful! Love, M


πšƒπ™·π™΄ 90𝚜 π™³πšπ™°π™Όπ™° 𝙸𝙽 πšƒπ™·π™΄ 20𝚜;π™²π™»π™°πš‚πš‚π™Έπ™²π™°π™»πš‚

Isn’t it funny how we outgrow certain styles only to get obsessed with them when their time is up! I am here with my rusty mum jeans and ruffles, two vintage pieces together in 2020 how daring, right!? We have seen ruffles make a powerful comeback and you all know fashion drama is my cup of tea, and it’s the cup you shouldn’t miss out on darling; mom jeans on the other hand gives me mixed emotions. Mostly because I have seen people wear mom jeans and look older than my grandma and some have looked like a breathe of fresh air. Allow me to give my two cents on mom jeans; millennials, especially curvy/plus size women, if you are going to wear mom jeans, please dress UP and not DOWN. Reason being, mom jeans on their own are boring and not your everyday plain jean. So the top has to be a stunner, refreshing, fancy, accessorize, layer or do whatever, but don’t keep it boring. The art is in pairing. Thank me later. Till next time, Love, M,

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