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You are currently viewing cREATIVELY aFRICAN*!!!!

After a “forever-hustle” of a name, I never found a better name than cREATIVELY aFRICAN. This is an absolute definition of EMMAH. My style is a mush up of; trendy, bohoDSCN1148vintage and old school yet so simple. I love it enough to blog of it and much more. I best Express myself in my style and it has made me love and adore fashion endlessly.i so hope you are inspired positively. It would mean the world to me if you could all be a part of it all the way..!!!



Creatively_African is the next resourceful and style spot for millennials, exclusively allocated to delivering an eclectic collection of style, sharing relatable biggest and lowest moments and providing fun, practical and actionable resources to support millennials.. May this slice of web be the safe place you run to when you are style stuck, adulting, shifting Life goals, finding your voice or defying societal norms. I hope you enjoy it and stick around! Thank you for stopping by :-)

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  1. kamande

    me likey a lot

  2. elssy waweru

    i have just fallen in love with Wat i have seen sis….go sis go…..

  3. elssy waweru

    she has made me come to realize that Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.

  4. elssy waweru

    Only a True Diva like yourself could think outside the box and be so creative… I wish you much success…little siz

  5. Aurelia

    you actually beat me to the punch so fuck you for that…… i’m loving the blog though. 🙂 😉

    1. emmah

      haha…..sorry I did….looking forward to your big support….love your tat by tha way……love, love, love….

  6. Joley

    Glad you decided to do this.. totally waiting n watching for some good style advice

  7. emmah

    I like it alot too…it’s finally up!…
    So excited.

  8. emmah

    Thank you so much for taking time to comment. So cool…looking forward to making it better each day……lets do this together. I look forward to sharing your styles too if you let me…..*!!!

  9. amelia wamalwa

    my main bitch,hahahaha me love this ish

    1. emmah

      Thank you so much….Glad you had a part in this too…..Glad i met you….Love, love, love

  10. davidoh

    awesome stuff dear cousin looking foward to seeing you on the biggest platform..go COUSIN GO!!!! big things coming for you.

    1. emmah

      very grateful……..

  11. felly kibaki

    wooow am surprised what am seeing ur rocking..May God bless you and fulfil your dreams I can see you going far just continue with the same spirit n surely you gonna make it

  12. emmah

    Thank you felly for the love…..Glad you made a stop-over here… <3

  13. George ;-)

    Emmah, congratulations to this powerful, colourful and feminine site.

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