Life is so full of them… Sitting and sipping Mimosa for breakfast in Epi’dor restaurant. How did we end up drinking champagne for breakfast, you wonder! It’s 9 am on Sunday, Just after settling at our table, we look around and a couple behind us is sharing a bottle of white wine, ‘’ This early in the morning,” my friend exclaims. Stunned that I have never had a mimosa, my friend asks for a champagne menu, and just like that, I earned my first mimosa! It’s not every day you walk into a restaurant and order a bottle of champagne for breakfast. While my taste buds were busy getting acquainted and enjoying the treat, a series of thoughts on the subject of First times and what firsts means occurs to me. It got me thinking deeply, and you will agree that even now despite you being a fully grown adult, our mothers still tells the first time we walked like it was yesterday. She narrates your first solid food to the letter, and she won’t let the world forget the first word you ever uttered. I get off on first experiences, Despite repercussions like going for zip lining at Kereita forest when I know my little kgs might get stuck in the middle- which happened! My teen firsts are so fresh like that first boyfriend, somethings you don’t forget like my first period and being such a naïve little girl, wore sanitary towel with a wrapper and everyone could hear the paper frictions as I walked past. See, this is the thing about first times, you don’t forget, they don’t go away, no matter how terrible some of them are. Some firsts are to be repeated, some are to be made a habit, some are never to be repeated, Some even alter the course of your life, but some like my mimosa experience, lead to a new-born curiosity like checking why it’s called a mimosa, and how did we end up with a drink that’s so overrated on Instagram as Luxury living, speaking of which, I have joined the bandwagon of endless hashtags such as #bubbly #Mimosa #LuxuryLiving #Champagne#Iloveforthis#yolo#goodlife#avillagersipping I would have even added #Richgirlbreakfast but I am not that mediocre, let’s not kid ourselves now because this girl has an entire village to invest in! Now that I am an adult, this phase has bolder firsts like having my first mimosa, The first time I stepped into a casino leave alone sitting at the table; First job or my first salary; How can I forget being let go by an employer or taking my first flight experience, or even being poached for a job in a different country and the life away from home. I can never forget my first job or my first salary which is also the first time I realized the power of having your coins! I still recall my first apartment and my first month’s bills! Now that I think about adulting firsts, I am more convinced that adulting is a trap and all the trouble we get in is to try escaping or making up for things we think the world owes us for not preparing us better, but no, “the world owes you nothing,” they say!