Cityscape- Lamu, Kenya

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I’ve been to little havens in Kenya, but of them all, Lamu took me back to a time in years I wasn’t even born. Architecture is how the person places herself in the space and Lamu has its originality to swear by.

With close to a year of planning, procrastination, packing months in advance and unpacking to pack again, I got my escape from Nairobi’s hustle and brouhaha to a little island full of magic. Being an islander for four days allowed me to experience;

Their culture

Their way of doing things is different, it’s in their nature to be kind and offer help even when you don’t ask for it. The people are contagiously happy. And life, to them, is ‘pole pole’.

Lamu town is relatively small, their street are more of pavements and 3 rounds are enough for you to know everyone

The Swahili food

They offer a variety of Swahili food on the streets as well as local restaurants, There is also all kinds of herbal tea for tea lovers; everything at affordable rates.


Don’t expect to deal with hooting matatus, arrogant touts, nor loud music. The common means of transportation in this little town is either by foot, speedboats across the different islands and DONKEYS!!!


Being an Islam town, it goes without saying that modest dressing is standard.

Now we know where I left half of my heart!!


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