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It’s rare to find a man enviously passionate about fashion…..the though of a man being like, “This goes with that ….Nuh this will be perfect with some cool blue…..this shoes need, say a particular  jean….. this hat will accessorize my plain look….like I need to look out for a certain short in the market….” is  as close to impossible as cows will cough or hell freezes over”,  My male friends asked if I could atleast feature male fashion on the blog so at the very least thought I could go beyond my comfort zone and put a piece for them because having been in their company its clear that most men are just about dressing and hitting the road …..!! But we have a rare breed in our midst.

Yes Kenya has got its very own fashion sensations. Went beyond my comfort zone to put together some of my favorites or atleast the ones I know….And in-case you wondering I know them how, I try to brief myself in adoration but if we being honest  I might be preparing myself just in case I wake up a man any day…

Y’all know I’m kidding now!!!

                                    # KENYAN STYLISTA

Franklin Saiyalel is definitely not a new name for you unless you’ve been underneath. He’s Kenya’s leading fashion stylist…A  go-to for suit up men.

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Well Olav Arthur Is a free-spirit with his style. He finds work for every piece; I mean, how can a guy  just pair a floral shirt without pain and look as stunning as he does spot on. I don’t get it!!!!!!!

IMG_3280 IMGL2516  IMGL2447



 I came across Muriuki K’s blog recently but from where I’m seated , he’s got me blown away….his street style is  damn polished but I’ll let you be the judge for that!!!!

The-Dapper-Brother-1-0002-681x1024 The-Dapper-Brother-1-0007-681x1024  The-Dapper-Brother-0017-678x1024 The-Dapper-Brother-0019-678x1024 The-Dapper-Brother-Infinity-Scarf-0006The-Dapper-Brother-0014-678x1024

Head over to their blog for more of this.

Like I said these are just a few there’s probably a lot more out there and this is probably my eye judgement. I’d love to hear  what you think on the post and if there’s one you know please be kind enough to share on the comment box below.

remember your dreams are your own….Live them.

Till next time.

with love<3



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