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I personally think Millenial money is as much a scam as adulting even though adulthood is a trap. A common phrases with most if not all of us is, ‘I don’t earn enough to save…” This isn’t to say that we don’t heed to advice, or utilize the available tools on healthy money habits. It’s a constant battle adopting sharp financial acumen; In the meantime let’s share the confessions of a millenial in a catch-22 with her coins.img_0024

Why save when you can spend: in a millenial’s world a tough future doesn’t exist; we don’t envision it. We only see this life, so why should I save and eventualy I’ll spend it.sacrifice enjoying life now and save for a future that isn’t guaranteed(God forbid!)

We reward ourselves/ Self-Motivation; We swear by only one rule given by all financial experts; Once you get paid, pay yourself first! We, generation Y reward ourselves all month round.

Living for the gram/ Social media is crippling us. We see things, we want them yet we can’t afford them. We’d rather spend our little moneys for the fake life and eat noddles for as long as it takes to recover.

 We live a Turn-Up life; It’s all about who will be where, we ping what’s happening, which new joints to try and such vanity. We suffer from the fear of missing out (FOMO). We want to tell how it went down, leave alone be part of the story. Don’t even get me started with getting a stunner outfit for it.

Chasing Life; We are an adventurous generation, living at a time of airBnB and expedia. the last we checked this wasn’t a crime I suppose. img_8653

I’m curious about your  financial woes and how to salvage them. Please share and look out for my next article as we flip the coin on this.

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  1. Virginia

    Now i know where all the ksh 40 in Kenya went, not seen them in a while 🙂 . My WORST financial woe is I spend money that i don’t have yet. Its the worst trait one can have and on the time of getting that money i use it and cannot track how i spent it. still looking for a cure for this trait.

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