You are currently viewing NUDE BALANCE…..!!

Some might have been halfway undressing me already, oups….It’s colour from shades of cream, beige, brown, and everything in between. Nude colours have been a trending palette  this season….IMG_20150609_104131IMG_20150608_221015IMG_20150609_2 IMG_20150608_145519 IMG_20150608_145430 IMG_20150608_145424

Been mashing up some nude pieces for the day. My long-sleeved turtle neck seems to pair with everything and for that be prepared to see much of it here.

You wouldn’t believe your capability unless you are tested; had to style the skirt before I went sweeping the street with it and see the results!!!? Even better than a high low :-)Added a pop of double lip colour (which I’m planning to share soon). Good luck playing with your  tones.

With love,



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