Red is so easy to love for a color. We could debate on picks and what not, but I am a girl who runs for anything red, thrifted- like this blazer or not. But most importantly I am a girl who never played dress-up enough or maybe it’s the little girl in me that’s never outgrown by life’s adversities.   I get high on dress-up that it can be unbearable, but I will not pass an opportunity to just see how I can play with one piece. In the same spirit, decided to dress up and down my red blazer. I will admit just throwing on a blazer is way too basic sometimes, on  second thoughts, Most times  (now y’all will crucify me for saying that because its always the easiest option, but yes, I said what I said haha!) it’s the easiest show effort, but it’s doesn’t count if you do it on a daily.

 Now, I’ve done some playful try-on with my blazer because chic and playful are in my DNA. Feel inspired or challenged-whatever pushes you out of your comfort zone Darlings…..


This is a girl who Loathe girl drama but expect a good trench coat drama from her. We don’t care if it keeps us warm, but it has got to play; Cashmeres, buttons and belts have it.

Crispy Whites

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no combo that hits right like whites with reds. But White is on another level of wardrobe essentials and if you don’t have whites, please, adios! stop reading, go get one or better yet, steal from your Man ** and catch up later. I personally love my shirts button down and over-sized, or maybe it’s adjusting to a lacking of 32b fits that often.

Frills and Thrills

I am ok with frills, but it has to be dressed up not down. I have a hard time convincing my mum that a millennials idea of decent is different between generations. Lucky for me this is a look I would pull for a date with the girls but not a re-introduction.


It is the one style that gives room for lazy days.  And on such days, you will find me in my sweatpants or my over-sized tees, sneakers. Comfort over everything. But how we moved from Leggings to biker shorts I don’t know but we are grateful. Someway managed to fit in my blazer and flaunt my flat tummy for a minute (right before we overate and bloated lol)….


Harness and chokers are my favorite accessory, or should I call them my favorite toys, but accessory is safer just in case the world is keeping tabs. Forget necklaces, harness is a whole vibe.

With Love,