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Sipping my Kenyan-herb(tea) and thinking to myself,“….You know some situations are really intimidating…Why do we get goose-bumps when in a  Que and the attendant is a lady… why do we take a step back or look in awe when we go in an office and find a woman, why is it a surprise when a woman was kind to the other. Honestly sometimes I’m crossing my fingers to be attended by a man.. The stereotyping norm should stop…”


I don’t mean to question anyone’s loyalty to her kind.I mean, we were led to compete from birth- being the best in school, dating the coolest guy, having the best clothes, looking prettier or more beautiful, being the coolest… Its time to outgrow the norm. All women craving something only we can give ourselves…..I mean the only time I witnessed a powerful force of women is back in high school when we were scrumming for top layer:running together, some booking the line while others get the plates, if one is late you are more than happy to serve more just so you can save it for them (take me back… ).whtw (5)

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I don’t mean we should stop living our lives and sing kumbaya for the other, but how about we look out for each other,be kind, support, uplift, mentor if you have to, don’t see competition, see a support system. How I see it, a woman of sound mind will empower and cheer her kind. Lets create a society of women that never was,one the generations to come will live up to. There is something for everyone- God is that kind!!!.

” ……We are an unstoppable force of change-Together….”

With Love,




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