Skin Care Routine: Budget Friendly

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‘Your face is so good, which products do you use?’

This is quite common among ladies. I have personally been asked this question so many times and the fact that I say I am considerably basic surprises most. Even so, caring for your skin is no exceptional, whether oily or dry, whether you use make up or not.   I am no skin or facial expert, neither is my face as smooth as a baby’s butt. But I know a thing or two about how MY face responds to products and hormones. But most importantly, very intentional on what goes on my face.

I hate to confirm to you that just because certain products work for one person DOESN’T mean they will work for everyone. We, ladies often buy products because they worked on a friend, when the product doesn’t work, we try the next product recommended and this goes on and before we even know it, a reaction explodes as a result of skin sensitivity caused from a cocktail of products you’ve been feeding it.

With that in mind, hopefully sharing my basic home facial routine will help you understand that skin care doesn’t have to involve plastering a series of endless products on your skin. It’s mostly what you already have or the basic item one should use on a regular


Drinking water has been said so much that it is cliché. I do not underestimate the benefits of drinking water. However, Plain water gets boring, so I add lemon and cucumber for the flavor. Not only does lemon cucumber water deliver oxidants but also clears the skin among other tons of benefits.

 Face Mask

I am sold out for Dr. Organic dead sea mineral bio Plasma mud mask it has been doing my skin justice. A bi-weekly facial treat in confinement involves; a thin layer of the bio-Plasma Mud Mask, 10 minutes of sitting zombie pretty reading, sipping or laughing at the hilarious KOTs comments on twitter. from time to time I use the Korean sheet masks specifically aloe Vera or charcoal. washing off the mask with warm water. Personally, I steam my face after every mask wash.

 Face Steaming

This is a routine I do from the comfort of my little space whether I mask. 10 minutes of steaming, a lukewarm water rinse and a pat dry with soft tissue. Post-steam skin is extra sensitive, so I use soft tissue instead of towel to avoid irritation

Vitamin C tablets and Serum

These are in my life to stay. Nourishing my skin is a vital routine. Both are available from Healthy U or any pharmacy.




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