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I have a very tricky emotion towards this number. we are officially married…..

 It brings out the look  just perfectly……With my petite body, I love the fact that its skinny fit…..but do I say the back cut outs enthuses me lots…….. The shoes are a

hold-on to it thing……

lovely day honey buns….


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  1. Olyve

    My love for long bandage skirts is growing daily pliz advice on the type of tops I should do #thatdressdowpest

    1. emmah

      thanks for all your comments glad you are part of this……
      wow, Olyve you got a partner here…..bonding with skirts too……
      crop tops works right…. and tight up tops are great too dear, corsets are so cool too….. now go spoil your body with some gorgeous look and keep me posted

  2. anne Njeri

    nice dress thea

  3. Aurelia

    me likey!!

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