Add a touch of minimalist that sets you apart.The end game was to pull a combo of minimalist on a print suite. Curiosity got me experinmenting.This outcome is one of the reason why I'm out for scarfs in all prints and shades. There was no better way to make the scarf  noticable with the blue shades that to give it a plain base-In my case white. I was and still am immensely suprised by the outcome and couldn't wait to share this number. Is it not amazing when you imagine and when you create it surpasses your expectation!!!! Style Tip: When adding minimalists, Major on blends. Make sure you go for settle colors if the prints are bold and vice versa.... Until again, Africa is calling..... With Love, Emmah.

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Hello lovelies!!!! Today we are THROWING IT ON. Yes, when you are in the mood for some skin show. You take your time putting the pieces together only  to go back for some cover-up . Rompers anyone!??? I live my life in colors and that is clear by now. So when my romper complements my coat;- ohh boy, I'm going overdraft!!!! We all have these moments of uncertainties, change of weather, people's disapproval, when you wearing shorts, rompers, shirt dresses etc......... Style tip:If you can't walk past your gate in small pieces, Just throw on a long coat, blazer, kimono or waterfall. Make sure your choice complements the outfit. Until next time, Pop that magic...! With Love, Emmah.

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