I hope this new month is bringing good things your way, I am thankful for everything and for you guys!!! It has been an intense period in Kenya since the elections nullification and all. Kenya isn't a nation without each one of us. It’s not about EITHER, its AND. Let’s preach peace, breathe peace, pray peace and live peace! Diving back into the look of the day, your boyfriend shirt was redesigned by me into your go to miss-guided shirt dress. I have had a seasonal penchant for all things missguided. We know its hard to find piece on a low-budget. With a series selection of men shirts to pick from at the market, I settled for lighter shades. Removed the hands and stitched them a little bit lower. This being a creativity outlet, I deserve a little pat on the back for making the final product something close to the original missguided version. Its an easy casual to pair with heels, sneakers, or this nude life I have on. What you think about rocking this look? Yay or Nay?   Peace Good People! With Love,  Emmah.  

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