Beautiful Monday glamorous people.......Forget Monday blues.....Serving some fine tea..... I was in cloud nine, but because of you I'm back to life (all thanks to a stranger DM on IG appreciating the efforts and claiming more). Besides the ¬†portions that make life fascinating, I sometimes want to unleash the nerd in me. Like forget all the real life hustles and the society's definition of decent, feel CHIC AND FLY!!   The whole business of trying my wardrobe differently and leaving a mess on the floor is my stress reliever...... It often ends up with a blog look( work of Art is magical!!)..... This feature is a result of such escapades. The high-waist shorts are giving me best to pair it than a blend that tones it down without stealing its shine! Unless you want to be dramatic, a balance on pieces that exposes too much skin is a safe move. Until next time...... Love and love, Emmah.

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