Goodmorning honey bugs!!!! Its FRI-YAYYYYYYY!!!!!  The girl on this side of the earth is falling under the spell of rain in January, it rained and the man on the lens stole the moment-Amen- Do you ever find yourself getting all the good stuff in one colour? That just happened to me. I never had a maroon piece before (one-maybe) just the other day I figured I even have maroon pants; who I'm I kidding now when I say no such colours!!!! Norms to break this year.... This six slit piece is life itself.......its playful enough to be styled but I intended to feel the wild child spirit so; minimalism is the way to go......honey you can style it any way you want- but places you don't go with it is doing so much on a piece that is a "one too many"   Had to convert my bracelet into an anklet-it's too big for my hand-  :-[ But if you have gladiators for the piece that is a match made in heaven!!! lovely weekend. With Love, <3 <3 EMMAH.

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