Happy people how ya'll doing!!!! This has been my happy place since the first publish.....And I remind you this because I've wanted it to be your happy place too for both fun and growth.... Knit-sweater???? With this sun???? Yes BUDDY,YES!!!!!....There is a thin line between fighting the heat and accommodating it.Raiding the streets you've got to survive the heat. There is a simple fact on knits-the spaces in between allow the breeze, preventing skin from direct contact with the sun which leads to defined lines of darker parts due to exposure (speaking from experience-shoulder parts) Paired up or down, Knit sweaters are easy to layer. Its a go-to for casual or laid-back looks. Easy to style and stay stylish... Current situation- My knit is winning....I like them bright and defined. Sweater-Thrifted shoes- thrifted photograper- @Jwakibia With love, Emmah.

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