Before we get to this piece issue lets just agree I have quite an eye after spotting it in a heap  (selling myself)......AYE!!!!! So it's on a Sunday afternoon which surprisingly has turned out to be my best of the week (shopping-wise), my friend and I are paving through one of the loops and the minute I saw this jump we started fighting.....lol!!! Its not about who gets to take it rather, she is fighting me against taking it. She evidently didn't like it claiming it's "grandma's".  I was feeling nettled with her endless critics .....With that I tell you in advance," I might have taken this jumpsuit  to prove a point rather than wear it....!!! Was craving yellow crop top but it wouldn't be the ultimate choice under normal circumstances....... You can pair such bleached colours  with something more bright on top. Till again, XOXO Emmah.

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I'm not really an expert when it comes to face beat skills, but my lipstick is something I can't do without. As a matter of fact, Pink has dominated in 90% of the photos....... I tend to think its the nearest every time, or so I convince myself.... lame!!!! I have built this illusion that its the perfect of all I've got......A little awkward don't you think?.. For such kinds, I've got a little something to help free the illusion, so without much wait let's get right to it..... There is divine magic in a combination of at least two lipsticks. I tried several combos which will blow away your mind; #1 Red and Pink #2 Purple and Red #3 Pink and Purple. #4 Orange and Pink #5 Nude and Purple #6 Purple and Orange These are just a few. There's possibly 100+ shades you could try mixing. Make sure the bolder colour  stays at the bottom. I may have saved your lips from an ambush so thank me later!!!!! With love, Emmah.

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