I'm not really an expert when it comes to face beat skills, but my lipstick is something I can't do without. As a matter of fact, Pink has dominated in 90% of the photos....... I tend to think its the nearest every time, or so I convince myself.... lame!!!! I have built this illusion that its the perfect of all I've got......A little awkward don't you think?.. For such kinds, I've got a little something to help free the illusion, so without much wait let's get right to it..... There is divine magic in a combination of at least two lipsticks. I tried several combos which will blow away your mind; #1 Red and Pink #2 Purple and Red #3 Pink and Purple. #4 Orange and Pink #5 Nude and Purple #6 Purple and Orange These are just a few. There's possibly 100+ shades you could try mixing. Make sure the bolder colour  stays at the bottom. I may have saved your lips from an ambush so thank me later!!!!! With love, Emmah.

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