“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” ― Karl Lagerfeld   I am a colourful person; sometimes I take things to the extreme, be it wearing or admiring others in colorful pieces and today step out of it . Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality from confidence to feelings. And for this look  I was all about the latter. White evokes more of feeling; fresh, clean, pure, empty but mostly a feeling of possibilities . This is the only pair of white shorts I have that seem to survived different kinds of stains from coffee spills to food stains. And it happens to be a quick casual fix......   Till next time.  With Love, Emma.

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I find myself gravitating towards pieces I would have normally stayed far away from. For example, sexing-up this trend under my jeans and more. Not so much of a trend for Nairobi weather but you know, I'm bringing in  the extra and adding  another dimension to the looks. Its edgy, Just what we stand for around here, right?  From social media to the streets we have seen dozens of ways to pull the fishnet off and I decided to play around my favourites     Lastly...... Till next time. With love, Em