I'm  I  showing so much skin!?    Should I cover more!!!! should I save the piece for the beach!!!?      As simple and flexible as thy are, romper is a piece you would question wearing especially in Kenyan society....... Y'all agree that even with the " my dress my choice law" The definition of  "decency" varies. You would best describe the experience when you walk the streets and (I don't know what name to give them without sounding as harsh as their comments, but "resistant society"  serves right),  have endless critics to say on your outfit.. .A romper is definitely that piece in the Kenyan society....By the way I've been led to think of decency as a personal  definition........Don't HUH!!! Before you get nostalgic  on the street trauma, I  thought of sharing how best I style my  "baby jump" ..... there are other options for rompers like throwing on a kimono, over-sized coat but Maxis are just a Savior for calamities. A see-through one works for this as it clearly doesn't cover too much. Cinch that waist if you so wish..... enjoy the ride with me :-) With Love, Emmah.

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