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IMG_20160325_233323Whether she shall turn out to be the hero of her own life, or whether somebody else takes that station, these pages must show- finishing college and graduating was glorious for her. She expected things to fall in place as it should, like; get a job immediately and if she had to wait, it would be just for a while, DAAH!!!!

The puzzles don’t just fit when you cough neither does the world stop moving at your bake and call honeyshe barely knew that. I bet this is a familiar territory to most on the immediately-after campus life….

Before I took the step I am yet to share, I had applied for so many job vacancies and getting no feedbacks; I used to like wake up every morning and the first thing I would do  is check my mails, you know, just in case I was called in for an interview. I was getting more frustrated each day. A lot of back and forth decisions in between. At some point I would goggle how to write good/ persuasive CVS and stuffs  just incase I was doing it all wrong and obviously goggle has everything.


Last month a friend suggested a Particular programme and from her experience it turned out to be something I would love to be a part of. (Friends we thank God for!!!!!). So I bounced back from the pity-party, downloaded the form and sent it. Luckily got short-listed, later called in for an interview and here I am ; A volunteer, some are already like “even in my wildest dream” !!

Why  sharing this experience? Well, sometimes you have to filter out all the options and pick the currently workable. By this I don’t mean you should volunteer as well, you could opt for an internship, if your talent is workable go for it as well, if you are good at organizing events you could offer to join the team doing it without asking for any pay in which cases if you work smart they are likely to repay your efforts among other options. This doesn’t mean that after that you’ll have a job, let it all flow as it will and trust the process loves!!

Bloom where you are planted my loves!!! I will not say there is no corruption in Kenya because we all know it’s not true and some of us don’t get the jobs we deserve because someone else paid for them. But don’t let yourself be the other person that gets dragged along with that madness. Or the one that prepares everyone else for work in the morning and wait for them to get back , or moving from one relatives/friend to another with expectations for a year or so when you could be making something out of yourself…….  The world owes you nothing!!!

Remember Rome was not built in a day so won’t your empire my friend…….


Check in for the next piece- as always let me know what you think of this, how was/ is your experiences etc.

With Love,



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  1. Grace wanjiku ndoge

    Am loving this emmah ….cant wait for the next piece…shiks chosen ndoge

    1. emmah

      Thank you hun….Working on the next piece….

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