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At this point, it is safe to say that thrift shopping gives me a natural high. Goodness! that feeling you get when everything you hold is perfectly shipped for your wardrobe specifically ??_MG_9061-Exposure

 So, I decide to pair down my thrifted pieces together and give you an idea of how you can serve elegance on a budget. You will thank me later.

Thrift shopping gets devastatingly addictive when you are in the middle of colourful heaps with vendors shouting all luring prices and you only realize how overboard you’ve gone when bus fare is all the money you have left☹☹ (it’s good to tag along a friend who will stop you at some point if she can).IMG_20180712_233044

The one time the sun came out in this moody Nairobi weather, I decided to come out to play. Thought I’d put my favourite thrift picks for the week and tip you on price and the specific markets.


Here’s what I found!

Shorts @100/=  CBD.  I paid for the nude colour and the ruffle only

White Tee @50/=   Gikomba. I was initially looking for a plain white t-shirt and instead I got the burger and

Belt @50/= Koja. I convinced my sister to buy it, so I could STEAL it (obviously I didn’t tell her my intentions, I insisted on how she needs to replace her worn out black belt) ??



      Till next time,

with Love,









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